Nicholas Co. engages in the acquisition and sale of commercial and investment properties and prime development land. We have represented a variety of owners in the acquisition and disposition of real property. We help our clients plan, acquire, consolidate and dispose of investment real estate and business facilities.

What Our Clients Can Expect:

Determination of Client’s Objectives: Before any recommendation is made to a client, we listen carefully to develop an understanding of the client’s key objectives—financial and non-financial, short-term and long-term.

Market Knowledge: Real estate continues to be an information-driven business, and knowledge of the marketplace is critical to accurate analysis and positioning of a property in that marketplace. Our ongoing engagement with commercial and investment real estate keeps us up-to-date on the current state of the ever-changing real estate market and in constant contact with the most active market participants.

Personalized Service: Nicholas Co.’s seasoned professionals are highly-qualified. In accepting an assignment, we make a personal commitment to keep our clients informed and to represent their interests at all times. The close strategic relationship that evolves between the client and the Nicholas Co. team creates a synergistic, proactive alliance capable of adding significant value to the client’s bottom line.

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